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Covid-19 related FAQ's:

Q: Can I book as a group?

A: Under current law and guidelines you can book a group of up to 6 people maximum.

Q: Can the 6 people visiting be from more than 2 families?

A: Yes, they can be from several different families forming a group of up to 6 people in total.

Q: Is that 6 people including the adults, or is it 6 children plus adults?

A: The 6 people includes both the adults and the children (so 4 children and 2 adults for example).

Q: If we meet up with another family at Barney’s, can we become a bigger group than 6?

A: No, we can’t have more than 6 people gathered together. You would be breaking the law and both you and us could be fined.

Q: We are a family of 7 people, can we still visit?

A: Yes, you can all still visit as a family group, but you can’t meet up with anyone else.

Q: What about birthday parties?

A: You are very welcome to celebrate a birthday at Barney’s, but the limit of people who can attend the celebration is 6. You are welcome to bring a nut free birthday cake with advanced permission, but no candles please. We are not running our parties just now, so you simply book tickets online to visit.

Q: What is a support bubble?

A: A support bubble allows those living alone and single parents with children under 18 to join with another household to form a support network. It helps those who have felt isolated during the pandemic.

It means the adult is able to have close contact with the other household in the same way they would if they actually lived together – they do not have to remain socially-distanced. Anyone in a support bubble essentially counts as one household. You can only be in one support bubble.

The Government website says: “We recognise how difficult this time has been, particularly on lonely and isolated people, and this change is designed to provide extra support to some of those most impacted by the current social restrictions. Once you are in a support bubble, you can think of yourself as in a single household.”

Q: Will I have to wear a face covering/mask at Barney’s?

A: In order comply with the current law, Adult visitors and children aged 11 and over will be required to wear a face covering before entering and keep it on until they leave, except when eating or drinking or sat at your allocated table.

Q: Will I have my temperature checked?

A:Temperatures may be checked on arrival along with enquiry into cold/flu and Covid symptoms. We ask that those unwell do not attend and arrange a visit for another day.

Q: What happens if I or my children have a raised temperature?

A: If your temperature is raised you will be asked to wait outside for a few minutes as we understand temperatures may increase slightly due to recent exercise and activity. We will then take your temperature a further two times. If it remains high you will not be permitted entry and will be given an email address to re-arrange your visit for a future date.

Q: Will I have to social distance inside?

A: Yes, once inside the play centre we do ask that you social distance from other visitors, unless they are a part of your group of 6 people or under. There are signs around the building and outside each role play room with the maximum occupancy

for each area. Please abide by these.

Q:What precautions are you taking with cleaning and role play props?

A: We are running two sessions  with a 60  min gap in between, this will enable us to clean our play areas. We will be  cleaning high touch points throughout the session. With regards to our role play props, there will be some props in the role play village that will be swapped out each session for new clean sets and the old sets cleaned and sanitised. We have removed role play items such as play food and teacups (items likely to go in children's mouths). You may ask a member of staff for these; individual prop bags will be checked out to you for your session. These must not be shared with other children and must be returned with its contents in full at the end of your session for cleaning and sanitising. We have removed all our balls for our ball shooters and some other items may be missing for ease of cleaning and sanitisation. We will be using a fogging machine secondary to our cleaning to kill any bugs we may have missed. Baby toys we operate a single use policy, we have a ‘clean’ bucket with toys in at the beginning of each session in the baby area, we ask that you do not return the used toy you’ve played with to the clean bucket but please place the contaminated toy in the ‘dirty’ bucket on the counter outside the kitchen window.

Q: Will I be able to eat and drink and remove my mask?

A: Yes whilst seated at your allocated table you may take your mask off, relax and eat and drink. We would like to take the opportunity to highlight only food and drink purchased from our coffee shop can be consumed on the premises.

Q:Can I eat elsewhere in the building?

A: No, in order to prevent contamination and to keep our play area in tip top condition, spiffy and clean (which is vital now more than ever) absolutely no food or drink is to be taken past the play area entrance (which is next to the purple slide).

Q: Do I have to wash and sanitise my hands?

A: Yes, please wash hands in reception before entering and please sanitise hands, both adult and children when entering and exiting the play area. Please wash your hands or sanitise them before eating, after eating and wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet. Hands must be washed for 20 seconds. There are hand washing posters, sanitising instructions and plenty of sanitiser stations around the building.

If you do have any further questions please speak to a member of the Barney’s team who will be happy to assist you