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14/9/2020: Unfortunately due to the rule of 6, we currently are unable to offer our Birthday/Celebration packages. However, you are still very welcome to book tickets online for our normal play sessions.  Guidance and advice is changing on a weekly basis, please keep an eye on this page or our Facebook page for any changes related to parties.

The Rule of 6 FAQ's:

Q: Can the 6 people visiting be from more than 2 families?

A: Yes, they can be from several different families forming a group of up to 6 people in total.

Q: Is that 6 people including the adults, or is it 6 children plus adults?

A: The 6 people includes both the adults and the children (so 4 children and 2 adults for example)

Q: If we meet up with another family at Barney’s, can we become a bigger group than 6?

A: No, we can’t have more than 6 people gathered together. You would be breaking the law and both you and us could be fined

Q: We are a family of 7 people, can we still visit?

A: Yes, you can all still visit as a family group, but you can’t meet up with anyone else

Q: What about birthday parties?

A: You are very welcome to celebrate a birthday at Barney’s, but the limit of people who can attend the celebration is 6. You are welcome to bring a nut free birthday cake with advanced permission, but no candles please. We are not running our parties just now, so you simply book tickets online to visit.

Q: What is a support bubble?

A: A support bubble allows those living alone and single parents with children under 18 to join with another household to form a support network. It helps those who have felt isolated during the pandemic.

It means the adult is able to have close contact with the other household in the same way they would if they actually lived together – they do not have to remain socially-distanced. Anyone in a support bubble essentially counts as one household. You can only be in one support bubble.

The Government website says: “We recognise how difficult this time has been, particularly on lonely and isolated people, and this change is designed to provide extra support to some of those most impacted by the current social restrictions. Once you are in a support bubble, you can think of yourself as in a single household.”

So for now this is all we can do - follow the law and keep each other safe. It isn’t going to be easy but we all have to do our bit.

To view our Party Terms & Conditions and party menus please click on the below link