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Party FAQ

When do I need to notify you of allergies and attendance?

Two weeks prior to your party.

When do I need to pay the remaining balance and order extras?

Two weeks prior to your party.

Will there be party host? What is the schedule for the party?

There will not be a party host for your party. However as all our parties are Exclusive use the staff on site are there to assist you with anything you need. A staff member will greet you on arrival, check we have all the correct information for you and answer any questions you may have.

With regards to the schedule all our parties follow the same schedule.

Arrive at your designated party time. The children will spend the first 1 hour 20 mins in the play areas. For the last 30-40 mins Staff will call the children in to do the cake ceremony, they will then be led into the party room where their meal will be waiting. During this time staff will cut the cake up ready for guests to take home. After the children have eaten it will be time to say your goodbyes.

How many people can I have?

For comfort and safety our parties are set to 50 persons in the building. We can accommodate and cater for up to 30 children. We do ask that you please keep within the 50 person limit, this can be any combination of adult and children. We recognise that it may not always be possible to keep to the 50 person limit as extended family may wish to attend. We can accommodate a few extra adults, should this be needed.


What is the party menu?

The menu is set.

The Early Bird party (9.00-11.00am) consists of the following buffet:

Jugs of squash and water are served throughout the party

The VIP Party  (2.30-4.30pm)

Hot Buffet or Cold Picnic Boxes please choose Hot or Cold for your whole party.

Hot Buffet

Cold Picnic Boxes

All VIP afternoon parties are served with ice pops, fruitshoot and jugs of squash and water.

Are there other menu options?

No, the menu for our parties is set. We may be able to accommodate specific dietary/allergy requirements for the odd person. Please contact us two weeks prior to your party.

Can I order additional food and drinks for adults?

Yes. The party includes a set menu for the children only. However our cafe will be open as usual for the purchase of adult food and drinks. You can also pre-order bacon, sausage baps and cakes through our party extras page. This must be done two weeks prior to your party to ensure adequate stock.  

Can I bring alcohol?

No, we are an alcohol free site.

Can I bring my own food?

No, we do not permit own food on the premises and remind all guests we are a nut free facility. The only time we may permit own food is if we cannot cater to a specific allergy requirement. We ask that we are notified of this prior to the party.

Can I bring a cake?

Yes, You may bring a nut free cake.

Helping customers celebrate their special occasion safely is something we are passionate about at Barneys.

This means protecting people who may have allergies or intolerance's.

The introduction of Natasha’s Law (The UK Food Information Amendment) came into force on 01/10/21. This means any birthday cakes, cupcakes or party celebration cakes brought into our venues by the party organiser must be either shop bought or baked by a reputable baker/cake maker. By law these suppliers will have to supply the allergens information.

Unfortunately homemade cakes will no longer be allowed to be brought into birthday parties.

It is your responsibility as organiser of the party to ascertain any allergies that your guests may have and take appropriate action.

Information required on your cake are below:

Name of supplier (if not shop bought)

Full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised (for example in bold, italics or a different colour).

Do I need to provide cups, plates, napkins, table cloths?

No we provide this. You only need to provide or order if you require themed table wear.

We provide plain napkins, plates and cups.

Are candles allowed for the Birthday Cake?

Yes! Please bring your own candles, however we always have spare incase you forget! We provide a lighter. Please ensure long hair is tied back when blowing out candles.

Do I need to provide cake cutting and wrapping equipment?

No, we will take the cake to the kitchen to cut and wrap. We provide plain napkins unless you would like themed then we ask that you provide them or order on our party extras page.

Can I come in early to set up?

Unfortunately we do not permit early entry. Staff have a very limited amount of time to clean from the previous session and set up ready for your party. Interruptions to this will delay entry for your party.  If you have decorations etc you would like set up we recommend dropping them in the day before.

Can I leave late, stay after the party?

No, we ask that you please be courteous and depart on time so that staff can clean and set up ready for the next session/party. For every 15 min over the party session time a £25 charge may be added.

Are there any play area requirements that I need to know?

During the party we require you to have at least one responsible adult over the age of 18 in the role play village Barningtion, they must supervise the children and monitor behaviour at all times. Failure to do this will result in staff closing this area off. Unsafe, violent and abusive conduct/play will not be tolerated, breakages and damage through this conduct may result in additional fees. Our Rules of Play must be followed at all times, these can be found in house on the wall or on the website.


Can I bring my own decorations or do you provide?

You are welcome to bring your own decorations and themed items. We provide a banner and some basic decorations. If you would like to order balloons, themed table wear or decorations from us this can be done via the party extras tab. If bringing your own balloons they must be foil balloons only, for health and safety precautions we do not permit latex balloons or balloons that pose a choking hazard outside of the party room, they must be supervised at all times.  If you are providing your own decorations we recommend dropping them in the day before so staff can set them up. We do not permit confetti, pinatas or party streamers.

Are party bags included?

We do not offer inclusive party bags. We do offer sweet cones, and craft party favours at an additional charge. Please see our party extras.

Can I play music in the party room or building?

No. The party room does not have a music system and we do not hold a PPL and PRS licence to play music. Therefore it is not permitted.

Can I hire external entertainers?

You can, however we have found that these are not usually necessary and time does not usually permit. The Children are usually occupied fully with the play areas. Outside companies such as magicians etc must be agreed by management prior to the party. All external entertainers must have valid public liability insurance, DBS checks and licences in place, such as character licences, music licences etc. Unfortunately we do not permit facepaint in our play areas.

What about party extras?

If you would like to book any party extras such as themed table wear, cakes, sweet cones etc these can be added at the time of booking or any time up to 14 days prior to the party date. Click Party Extras.