KIRSTIE (aka the hyper one)

I am a single mum to a beautiful 6-year-old boy. I have a unique personality. I like to think I’m a very funny person in a good way though! I love spiderman he is my favourite superhero. I’m reliable, honest and caring. I love working here, take pride in my job and make sure the cleaning is done to the highest standard. Before working here, I was very shy and have always suffered with anxiety, but I have been able to find new coping mechanisms here at Barneys which has helped me grow into the confident person that you all see today. My skills have developed quite a bit in the past few months since taking on the parties which I love doing! I really love doing the announcements which I would never have seen myself doing last year.


CLAIRE (aka mum of the team😊)

I ventured into Barneys in 2019 when my son was 6 years old he is now almost 11 and I have been working so hard to support him with this job. Little did I know how rewarding the role I had taken on would be. I have seen Barneys through covid and how it has turned out today. I was able to help with all the new procedures and policies since covid came about and I am proud of myself for being a part of that. I am particularly grateful to meet and watch our little regulars grow and learn. I find myself a very honest and caring individual. I am the team mum I make sure everyone is more then satisfied, fed and watered otherwise we have a very hangry team. I’m always willing to put in help where needed, whether its cleaning, painting etc.

IZZY(aka the baby of the team)

I’m a student studying criminology, sociology, health and social care, I work part time at Barneys at the weekends. I’ve been party of the Barneys team for 2 years now. I am known at work for always being cold even when its 30 degrees and I like wearing crocs with fluffy socks all year round, it’s cosy! I enjoy horse riding, socialising with my friends but also my own company.

LOUISE (aka the boss)

I was born and raised In Cornwall. Moved to Uckfield 23 years ago with my husband. We have a 12 year old daughter. We opened Barneys 11 years ago in 2013.

At the time I was going through a very difficult time. I was a qualified nurse and violently assaulted by a

patient which led to me giving up my chosen career and sustaining long term injury. We opened Barneys when our daughter was 17 months old as we found there was a real lack of children’s things to do in Uckfield.

After I had my daughter I found it very lonely and isolating, so envisioned Barneys a place for mums to meet and children to develop through play. I’m a coffee addict so believe in serving good coffee!! I am also a first aid trainer and avid reader, gardener, and crafter.

We look forward to seeing and meeting you in Barney’s

Louise & Team